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Okay, so what's the story? You removed all of the 'reprises' by putting it in the @Info (because the songs were being counted twice) and now you are removing it from the @Info and putting it back the way it was... why?

I would assume the songs added as an encore by the attendee were played by Dylan and The Dead and he probably wasn't trolling the setlist?

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I will put info on the venue page mentioning it's actual physical location.

If you really think it should be listed in Geneva Township I can do that too. You know the region better than I do.

Google Geneva, MN and check the map. Then Google Geneva township and look at the map. Harmony Park is on the west shore of Geneva Lake where it narrows. It is in the Township of Geneva, not in the city of Geneva.

Harmony Park is not in the city of Geneva which is what "Geneva, MN" denotes on this website. The venue is actually in the "Townside of Geneva" with a Clarks Grove mailing address. For some reason the venue address was listed here as "Ellendale" which was completely wrong. The venue could plausibly be listed as being in Clarks Grove or the Township of Geneva. We have no set rule when dealing with these situations. Because the venue is already listed, its webpage uses Clarks Grove and it is physically in an unincorporated township I am leaving it in Clarks Grove. If it was a PO Box I would definitely change it. I haven't gotten to Fur Peace yet.


Is there a difference between Max's on Broadway and Max's On Broadway for which you just changed the venue for the Posies concert?
If it's the same venue you should report this to the forum to have one deleted.

I only transferred them to CD, so far.

Hey Now,
Got the Radz info from the DATs of the shows that I have. ;-)

I tried to edit the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame info for the jam, but it gave me a too long error. Anyway, missing are Chuck D & Reverend Run.

To be honest with you I don't really know how it was decided. It was tried a while back and had some bugs. It got rolled out with some of the much needed and welcome updates implemented earlier this year. It's not something I find particularly useful and the Comments or @Info seemed satisfactory to me too. And I'm sure we will have to deal with Users fighting over whether the show ran 1:43 or 1:49. I would say that contacting an Admin or starting a Forum topic would be best.

I went to the Elvin Bishop/Charlie Musselwhite show tonight. They announced recording a new album together that will be out sometime this summer.

Once it's officially on Amazon or elsewhere, can make "Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite" a musicbrainz artist entry are re-title these shows properly.

Shame I couldn't see the Byrne show in person!

I'd say that if you know the room I would use it. I find that there are times when casino rooms use different names without any "official" name change or use slightly different name like "The Buzz Room/Buzz Room/The Buzz/Buzz Club" for the same venue. Sometimes I think it is better to just use the generic casino name for them. But there is no hard and fast rule.

There had been a weird glitch in the Kailua-Kona location. I tried to fix it around a year ago and it wouldnt take. I tried it now and it went right through.

Just an observation on recent Brian Wilson setlists. Personally, I think you were 100% correct when listing the 2020 shows with the note at the bottom "Featuring Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin". I think this pays tribute to the other two former official members of The Beach Boys. In editing a couple of the setlists, I even added your note back in after they had been previously been deleted because I thought it was the right thing to do. I am not sure why you decided to edit your own edit, as Brian Wilson's Website clearly indicates that Al and Blondie are permanent members of his band.

Bro! We are at a ton of the same shows. We need to meet up some time. Where will you be NYE? I’ll be at Green Leaf Rustlers.

Keep up the great work, oh fastidious one! Happy New Year!

I contacted the Hudson Theatre. Sarah, staff member there, confirms that Byrne plays the same setlist in the same order every night, including the single encore. Neither Patti Scialfa or Jerry Harrison alters the setlist. Accordingly, the setlists have been restored.

Hi...yeh it was me who listed all the shows as Damascus mistake. I have the UK tour programme and the tour WAS called The Final Fling tour. Also...there was a passing. STUART ADAMSON passed away and the Glasgow show in 2000 was his last Big Country show in the UK. Cheers.

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