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looks like this place closed, no shows listed for may 83 and
Buddy magazine May 83 - in a Johnny Reno article "...April closing of Arlington JJ's..."


Re: Problems with songs
Posted about 2 hours ago

This is a negro song.


Bad enough this guy is a rude, ignorant and arrogant ass but now he has shown himself for the racist POS that he is and if this is not enough to ban him for life I don't know what is. There is no other way to interpret his use of a derogatory racist term. There are plenty of other ways to describe the song he is referencing starting most appropriately with GOSPEL!

Please do something about this racist POS.
source Buddy magazine May 83 - "opening night at Tango (looks like Apr 19) … SRO crowd"
no mention of Club Tango yet, same venue ? but if Tango opened in 1983 these entries r incorrect or diff venue (wild guess its Dallas Agora)

Thanks Ben! Glad to hear you're safe and well so far in upstate NY. Looks like NYC is a nightmare. I'm about 3 hours north of NOLA, so its not TOO bad here yet. We do have about 25 cases in our parish(county). NOLA still has about 75% of the cases...its unbelievable there....I've been safe so far...we get screened every time we walk into the hospital...and follow REALLY strict guidelines, so , so far so good. THANK YOU for thinking of me during all this, you have always been a good friend to me on here! Maybe one day, we'll get to see a gig together in NOLA!
so it looks like this place is done with only 2 months
I haven't seen any shows listed in Buddy since Dec 82, im in Apr 83 now
still have address listed in club address section but that's only ref
and no articles about closing
I was waiting to verify,
but I saw more listings using name "Aragon Danceland" I think this should be main name
the one ad used "The Aragon Danceland"
listings at first used Aragon Ballroom then used Aragon Danceland later
source Buddy magazine Apr 83 has a slightly diff address than stored
4705 Main
but its Buddy and its Houston, verify b4 change
I think this club was on 4th and avenue x
hi I noticed an alias set up on this venue, there was a roxy in Lubbock not at the same time frame as The Rox, but I think it was a gay bar not a rock club, I didn't look or find a link to back my info,

cardis dallas might be one of those things where building stood unoccupied for a while then opened for a show, longhorn ballroom has done that also

hi can u pass this on to Springsteen expert
looks like dup entries or 2 shows each night not labelled as such
also I don't have a date but Buddy magazine Jan 83 - "Bruce Springsteen made his first appearance in Texas at Mother Blues"
7952 US Hwy 59 South
from facebook which says it reopened in 2018 so not positive this is original address

i do shows at home ok and make them and do the show becuse i could not go ok

all so i am a youtuber famous ok

Hi Bendodrin,

I just want to ask if you trust in Olly Murs' modifications made by asherberman123

I decided to put him a preventive block when he was modifying Shakira setlists, obviously assumed. In this case, he edited 2 setlists from a Venezuelan TV variety program with complete setlists from the closest tour.
5636 Wellesley
older msg
source Buddy Dec 78 - this in Fort Worth - 3515 Horne (not home its H O R N E)
and when I see listings in Buddy it looks like this 'New Bluebird Nightclub'
can we make this change
and make the current break up of Blue Bird an alias instead
when I set the venue up it prob was from an ad w Blue Bird split and The included with no city listed I incorrectly guessed dallas since I had never heard of venue
2nd note - in Buddy Aug 79 (compare the dates)
has a listing for 'Bluebird Nightclub' in Fort Worth - 5636 Wellesley
this must be the same venue cus they both r described as "funky old rustic nightclub'
they moved but the older Buddy calls club 'New'
9 months (not a solid date I jumped) later issue drops the new
"Bluebird Nightclub" prob best with all variations as alias ?

source Buddy magazine Sep 82 - in the club locations section has Longhorn Ballroom listed under Fort Worth and has address as 216 Corinth St which is dallas addr
I declare any mention in Buddy (the master of misprints) of longhorn ballroom as dallas which is the way I marked all shows anyway
"I can find no info about a Fort Wort Longhorn Ballroom in the 1980s anywhere on the internet. The only thing that turns is the Longhorn Saloon (which is still open). I would bet that was the place given in the ads as it was open at that time and might have used that name too or was a typo. "

You don't need to revert his edits. I've reverted all the ones that were inaccurate.

just for fun, 1970 pic looking west down LBJ 635,
bridge over 635 Is coit, upper left is what would be called park central area
u can see the creek line that borders the west edge
I think the road in the field going west is banner
and benihana is at banner and merit flat layout restaurant and garden
so next to that south is our magical area for designated park central square
next street left south would be churchway we cant see it then
farther to left south would be forest ln

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