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in that case, can you please add this info, as now it is missing and the listing is incomplete.
i do not see where/how to p[roperly add this info.

Thanks for explaining the rationale behind the spelling of “Elzic’s”. I wasn’t thinking about the stats of other bands.

Kwam ook nog deze tegen:
Zover ik terug heb kunnen vinden is de officiële naam Zalen Schaaf. En zijn Muziekcentrum Schaaf, Schaaf, 't Schaaf en City Theater Schaaf allemaal aliassen. Deze kunnen wat mij betreft allemaal samen worden gevoegd onder Zalen Schaaf.

Hi Dirk,
Pas op dat je niet te ver gaat met het aanpassen van medleys waarin de songs meerdere schrijvers hebben. Je had Bruce Springsteen's Detroit Medley toegeschreven aan een Bruce Springsteen cover band!
Je hebt gelijk dat wanneer een medley uit meerdere artiesten bestaat, er geen @Cover tag is, maar als een cover band vervolgens die medley covered, dan krijgt het natuurlijk wel @Cover tag van die artiest! Vooral in het geval van de Detroit medley, omdat die een naam heeft en door de jaren heen nog al eens gewijzigd is van samenstelling.

HI Dirk, I finally finished and The Sheila Divine's entire show list and every setlist from their archived website is now on setlist.fm. I also imported all the Dear Leader shows and setlist from Dear Leader live shows on archive.org. Rock you yeah yeah yeah!

Is there another way to import or we just have to wait until musicbrainz works again?

Dirk... please help with a bigger problem. DAN ZLOTNICK is misspelled here as ZLOTNIK. As mod, can you kindly get this corrected? Thanks, ba

No worry...i shall not add them again. Just was looking to illustrate my reasoning. Sadly, AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS.... other multiple act performances can be similarly disputed. But, i guess i see the logic of RINGO'S ALL STARR BAND as a single act proper. Best, benny

Hello...i am not looking to up my numbers as much as i want my Nils Lofgren, Joe Walsh etc. appearances with Ringo All Starr Band to be able to be viewed under my times seeing these individual performers!!!

Hi Dirk-

Can you edit festival names?

All these should really be "Tibet House Benefit Concert" as opposed to "Tibet Benefit Concert"

Source - upcoming 2020 one

I'll add additional years setlists (as Tibet House 2019) after it's fixed.



You asked "If the guidelines changed and you are made aware of it, why not follow up".

Unfortunately, I have no idea when the guidelines changed because I was not notified personally. Even after being aware of the guidelines, I certainly would not have been able to recall something so trivial that was posted years before, so following up as you suggest is not something that would have entered my mind. Sadly, my brain does not allow me to remember every second of my life, every edit I made online, every comment I posted, every conversation I've ever had.

Perhaps there is a way of identifying every setlist I generated prior to say 2013 that has not been edited since - that way I can check and correct any similar transgressions. If this is possible, please let me know how as it would be more helpful than reading the guidelines. Otherwise, I could waste hours of my life looking for similar transgressions that may not even exist. I suspect, and hope, you found the only case out of the 1870 concerts I have attended.

Saw your comment. Sorry about that. I've been updating the bands entire show list and setlists from their old website gigography archived on the wayback machine:
I will go back and note the source, and will do going forward.

You left a message on a setlist that was posted almost 10 years ago suggesting that I "read the guidelines for tours and festival to distinguish the difference between both" which I regret to say I find a bit offensive.
Please note that the setlist.fm guidelines have been developed since that setlist was generated in 2010 and the goalposts have since moved. I had no reason to return to the setlist as no one had commented or edited it until today, so was not aware of the transgression. I would add that after having made in excess of 6600 edits since then, I am very familiar with the guidelines.

Hoi Dirk,
deze twee zijn sowieso dezelfde venue. Als je op deze website naar de historie bij 2011 kijkt:
https://zalenschaaf.nl/historie/, staat er dat in 2011 de naam officieel werd veranderd naar Schaaf City Theater. Al is de naam op de website nog steeds Zalen Schaaf (ook onderaan de website). Social Media namen zijn ook Zalen Schaaf. Dus dit is de officiële naam.

https://www.schaafcitytheater.nl Deze website geeft ook aan uit de lucht te zijn, dus dat geeft aan dat Zalen Schaaf weer de officiële naam is, alleen kan ik niet vinden tot wanneer de naam Schaaf City Theater is gebruikt.

Er is nogal wat berichtgeving dat Zalen Schaaf gesloten zal gaan worden in januari 2019, maar volgens mij is het wel gewoon open gebleven en zijn ze zelfs nu nog steeds geopend.

https://www.setlist.fm/venue/t-schaaf-leeuwarden-netherlands-33d270f5.html Deze geeft dezelfde zoekresultaten op Leeuwarden dus ik ga ervan uit dat dit dezelfde zaal is.

Ik ga nog even verder zoeken of ik de exacte periode kan vinden wanneer 'Schaaf City Theater' is gebruikt, maar als het daarvoor en daarna Zalen Schaaf heette dan heeft dit volgens mij weinig zin toch? Aangezien er geen sluitingsdatum op Zalen Schaaf gezet kan worden.

Sorry voor het lange verhaal!

Betreffende Megaland en Pinkpop 1994. Omdat bij de laatste al twee locaties stonden meende ik die al gedaan te hebben, maar dat bleek niet het geval. Zojuist alsnog.
Overigens, slecht 1 van de 25 optredens was al correct ingevoerd (vandaar beide locaties). In totaal 24 dus niet. Dat is een ander aantal dan 853-840 ... Afijn, Megaland kan/is nu weg bij Pinkpop 1994.

Now that I looked the link you sent, this account works for Figgs/Mike/Graham, so we were working those shows and know what was played. Not The Damned though. The edits on those were made after cross-reference with a Damned data base of shows/sets. Sorry we didn’t list a source.

The source is that we work for both artists.

To answer your questions (below)...I added songs to the show because I know what Graham played that night, and I know that he refers to that tour by that name because that was the band he used. I hope this are satisfactory answers to your questions. I do need to add that Graham's set list history on here is a solid mess. Because of the length of his career and the many shows/tours he has done with different bands, solo, and duo...I think it should all be under one name...Graham Parker, just like it is for Bruce.


Could you explain why you added the songs to https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/graham-parker/1993/the-theatre-of-living-arts-philadelphia-pa-3eded2b.html and assigned this to a tour called La Bamba and the Hubcaps, which is the only concert for Graham Parker with that name.

Hi Dirk,
In this setlist ( https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/johnny-hallyday/1998/stade-de-france-saint-denis-france-6bc2aae6.html ) you made a change on 26 Aug 2018. I saw this change on another setlist the day before, in which a changed it back and wrote a comment. You changed the song "Si j'étais un charpentier" to "If I Had a Hammer / Si j'avais un marteau". These are two different songs. You added a link, but looking at that link I think the change was not intended in that way. Maybe you wanted to change the french/english from charpentier, but not to change it to a complete different song. Maybe you can have a look into it. Thanks!

Hi Dirk.... please can we discuss my SMITHEREENS show of 11/30 once again. YES, THEY go right into THE WHO song SPARKS from their HOUSE WE USED TO LIVE IN. however, why can't these 2 songs be listed separately, ESPECIALLY as from the night of the show, i notated how Marshall EXITED the stage for the entire WHO song. Thanks, ba

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