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Hi, I have checked their own site and found that YEBISU YA PRO is right.
Yes, it is without "Okayama".
I will replace the venue name later, as far as you don't mind if I work for that.
They seem to have changed spelling of their name lately.
I remember that they spelled as Ebisu Ya Pro by some time of the last year.

Hi seelentau,

I have already told you about 2 choises, A and B. Before I answer, let me correct "Tuki" on B as "Tsuki". It was just a typo.
Both of A and B were on my mind, as I am a Japanese born and raised in Japan. I have explained why I chose B. That was my choise at the time and it did not mean A was wrong. I felt B was better to express original taste of classical Japanese name.
As far as MOON ROMANTIC is listed in "Also known as", neither A nor B does not mean much for English speakers. Later, I will delete hyphens as I learned there was no need to add.

Hi seelentau,
It is No. Guideline of venue stated as follows;
Location names should be in the local language (e.g. Olympiastadion instead of Olympic Stadium). Local language of this venue is Japanese. : )

Hi seelentau,

In this case, we don't choose “MOON ROMANTIC”, which is an English name.
Then, how we choose English name or Japanese one?
It depends on the primary name of the venue on the official site, English or Japanese.
In this case, the English name is not primary.
So, I chose Japanese one based on Guidelines;
•Location names should be in the local language (e.g. Olympiastadion instead of Olympic Stadium). If the location contains letters not supported, please use the transliterated version.

In case if the official website suggests non-Japanese name only, name of the venue on should be in the language. KOENJI HIGH is one of such cases.
So, I didn’t change it to KOUENJI HIGH.

On the other hand, I will review current name with hyphen, later. : )

Hi seelentau,

I understand your point. I know “omofu” is pronounced as “omou”.
At the time I changed the venue name, I thought there were 2 choices.
A. Tsuki-miru-kimi-omou; an ordinary spelling focused on pronunciation in Japanese.
B. Tuki-miru-kimi-omofu; a spelling focused on spelling of original classical Japanese, which the club is sticking with. As other Japanese clubs stick how to spell their own name, I paid attention to this club’s classical spelling in Japanese.
So, I chose B. Do you feel that B is strange for you?

You understand that this site is a collaborative effort right? The songs were not wrong, the order was incorrect. It's not that big of a deal, and indeed, as a collaborative effort the setlist is now correct.

Nothing on this site is permanent, so maybe instead of attacking others, make your corrections and move on.

Not that it matters since it is now correct, but my list was uploaded after three friends at the show told me they played the same set as the Dallas show I was at except for the encore song which switched. They did indeed play all the same songs, just not in the same order.

Thanks for the unnecessarily rude comment on the Dir en grey Houston setlist. I'm so sorry you felt the need to be rude when you could have just updated the song order.

Yeah, of course! Give me some time to get them all organized

Admittedly not as much as I used to be. I'm playing more shows than I am attending them nowadays

> Wait! It's not "of", it's "to"!
No worry, of course I know that. The ”of” was a dummy tour trying to find by-pass of system bug.

Hi, I have tried to correct "To" to "to". But it didn't work.
I need some more days to find solution.

Hi, excuse me but currently I have very short time to spend here.
I will reply to you next week. : )

Hey seelentau, I noticed that at some point you changed "Ningen~" and "Higeki~" to show "o" instead of "wo". As a native Japanese speaker, I think "wo" is still more accurate in terms of how it is pronounced. It's close to "o" but the w sound is still in there. I'm personally in favor of changing it back. Let me know your thoughts.

There's some bug in renaming tours (especially when reverting small letters to capital letters and vice versa) so it doesn't work for me either. The admins told it's in the pipeline to repair this.

Could you give me the link to the comment, so I can batch edit them?

I reverted all the sukekiyo's tours.
It's recommended and advisable to put sources to your edits.
And please read because one off performances shouldn't be part of a tour.

It has been fixed!

I corrected the other tracks but left the ... changes alone. I don't think there's a preference for how those are used on the site. I'll take a look at the sukekiyo a little later.

I just copied and pasted what was shown on your post on the forum. I will change them to the other quotation marks (if it will let me... sometimes there's issues with that)

No problem. I stopped as i noticed on Musicbrainz listings the song you were changing to "S" had like a half box around it (don't know what that is called), and i wasn't sure if changing it to "S" was correct and wanted to look into it more and then just got sidetracked and never got back to the site. I'll work on them later today.

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