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I'll bet a lot of these Fort Worth Stockyards shows were held there but I don't know if it is worth the time it would take to find out.

Got you. Will leave as is. I'll add info later.

I am also thinking that West End MarketPlace Courtyard should be considered as an option for this venue because Historiv District as the primary name is pretty generic. At least it seems like it would be applicable to many of the shows that were held there and is still generic enough to cover most of them. Let me know what you think. I won't add any venue info yet.

You can just add it to the Tate of Dallas Festival the same way you would add any show at a different venue. Add West End Historic District venue and do as you plan and the other shows for that year will add automatically. We can add venue info and change/add addresses later.

Were there two different Boiler Room venues?

When did the Dallas Alley close? I'm still having difficulty figuring out what to do with the venues that were there despite your detailed description as well as the outdoor shows.

Glad to hear the family is safe...the testing on the Covid-19 cases is so crazy, negative results on real cases, positive results on non-cases....I'm like you, I MISS live shows more than you can imagine...the livestreamed stuff is OK...The Zoom concerts seem like the closest to a real show, since you can interact with the bands, but its still not the same. I'm still amazed nearly 5 months into this, that I am not positive...I have respiratory issues, won't be fun for me! I know you like need to check out the last Chuck Brodsky show (Sunday 7/19)...all baseball songs! He's a pretty nice guy. I put a link to it in the comments on the setlist Stay healthy and stay safe...looks like Texas has just ramped up in the numbers the last few weeks.

Doing good here Scott! Busy at the hospital, so I'm neglecting my duties here at (I feel like I am). Trying to watch to a lot of livestreams on y days off. I miss concerts! How are you and yours doing?

The Church ( was outside courtyard, I don't think it was a part of any special series, just a concert tour stop

Hey Scott! I pulled up the page on the 1981 dates just now. Try the link I posted under the 1981 Joe Ely LSU Baton Rouge in the comments and see if you have any luck.

Midnight Oil show was definitely outside Dallas Alley on the plaza

Hi Scott,
I'm really not sure where it was in the West End as I've only been there a few times over the past 30 years. I know it was during the Taste of Dallas fest & it was outside. I seem to recall it was a little out of the way so it wasn''t right in the middle of things. Sorry, can't be more help - too long ago :)

Hi Scott,
I'm not from there was in Dallas during Desert Storm @ Casrwell AFB. The concert was outside in a street venue, temporary stage. Thats all I remeber, almost 30 years ago man. I'm getting to old to remember all this stuff. Take care & be safe. Rob was part of the Q102 Monday night summer concert series. Those concerts were right outside the West End Marketplace

The Old Plantation and Plantation Club in Houston are definitely two different venues

Bass Performance Hall Fort Worth address is what is given on the Google map when you google it. The venue itself gives 4th and Calhoun, which probably corresponds to the 4th Street address you posted on my page.

Nah, Paul is a tall dude, usually fairly well-dressed. He would kinda dip in and out of shows but he was all over Dallas when I was heavy into the music scene there, the kind of guy who could walk into any venue without a hassle. But yeah, I moved away in '06 and don't make it back often. Toured with bands for a while from 09-13 so there's that, too. Never sure if I should have those on my profile or not, kind of inflating my total a bit. But from like 02-10 I was at shows in Dallas, OKC/Norman, and NYC constantly. I probably only have a fraction of them on my profile here, just the ones that I put on my Google calendar at the time.

He's still around, he does some tour managing now as well for bands like Nothing and the Coathangers. He would give me recordings for a few of the shows that we were at together, mostly QOTSA and A Perfect Circle gigs (and I was with him when security tried to throw out one of the singers from the Blood Brothers mid-set, that's on YouTube), but yeah, he didn't seem like he wanted to put too much out there. I know the late, great doorman from Trees and maybe also Gypsy Tea Room (with the long, braided beard -- John, I think?) apparently had EVERYTHING recorded and I remember mentioning to his brother (if memory serves) that they should give the archive to UNT or something. Not sure what became of that.

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