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We were in section 102 row O free upgrade from $15 all in Groupon lawn. Not a bad deal. Solshifter at Nytex Icehouse in NRH tomorrow. Toadies guy like you’ll probably be there, right?

Looks like you might have found the answer you were looking for on The Roots 2001 Gypsy Tea Room show:
I came across an old pic of when they used paint the side of the building with the upcoming schedule that confirms The Roots played the Main Ballroom as there was another show in the Tea Room that same night. Cheers!

Thanks for asking about the Crossroads Festival. I don't know what sets will be played and who will collaborate. I only could figure out which artists may be performing on each day by cross referencing those artists' websites. I won't be attending but look forward to seeing how it all settles out!

The only place where there are no quotes is on the vinyl itself. The songs on each side is written in the middle of the vinyl, where there is the hole, and Heroes is written without quotes.

It's reasonably easy to search, magnify and maneuver on this site but it takes a little getting used to. I had forgotten about this website but I'm glad I found it again when I was checking UNT venues.

I don't know if you're interested in this but I thought you might want to see this database

Thanks Scott for a quick response. I remember now that we were scheduled to play that date and it was published in the newspaper, Buddy Mag, and Pair Mag... but the show was rescheduled to another date (10/15/80). When I locate the setlist I will change info. Also, I notice based on your posts that you are probably in the DFW area... let me know if you need any missing info on a show, as I have quite a history of Texas shows !

I'm new to this forum, is this group text the only way to communicate ?
Anyway, I was wondering if you were part of the production/staff for that Westlake show at McKinney Auditorium... or did you perhaps attend the show ? I was a member of Westlake and I had a few questions... The date that you had listed is different than the date I remembered, do you have a ticket/flyer/etc. that shows a date ? I won't ask the rest of my questions until I find out if there's a way to communicate without posting here. Thanks for your help in this matter !

Scott, can you contact me please regarding some info the Westlake show at McKinney Auditorium 05/23/80... thx !

Me neither.

The city names are not going to change, there will just be a link to the larger city at the bottom of the page like this one that I just added

What I am leaning towards doing is assigning anything west of the cities to Fort Worth and east to Dallas. For places north and south I will decide on an individual basis but lean towards Dallas. And for some of them I may ask for your opinion.

What we want to use Metro areas for is to alert Users from around the world about the approximate location of these places. Also it is not that rare to find a suburban venue listed on a website as being in the nearby major city so if they see a venue that is given in Dallas and it is actually in Denton then having "Dallas" show up in the venue name can prevent duplicate venues being created. It is not so much what "local" Users might want even though that is part of the equation.

I'm heading into Texas to start cleaning up venue and city duplicates as well as adding metropolitan assignments. For some combined metropolitan areas (like Minneapolis/St. Paul) I use both depending on what side of the Mississippi River the municipality is. But for Dallas/Fort Worth I always hear references to the Dallas Metroplex. Do you think I should use Dallas for all nearby towns or is their a geographical or other reason to use Ft. Worth for some of them.

Done...and done.

As far as I know Dirk is enjoying the summer and focusses on other stuff for now. That’s all he told me, I don’t know if/when he will be back.

I changed those Irving venues to what I think they should be. Let me know if they look right and if you see anything that needs to be changed.

Can you post what you want done with the Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX, USA on my page so we can get these fixed up?

i thought that was you at soul asylum, i kept looking going, “i think i know that guy.” the sound was a bit muffled on the side but it was the easiest wait to meet up with my buddy who came late. the town’s trying to branch out from it’s country tendencies, fuel, soul asylum, blue oyster cult. we’re getting there.
as for the ian show, man i don’t remember a 2nd show, probably just a two set night. been too long to remember.

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