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Heyo, please check this venue I had to add:

They write it as Okayama YEBISU YA PRO, but on sukekiyo's website, it's written as YEBIS YA PRO, without the U. So I assume the venue's own writing takes precedence?

I've posted the 1st show.

Hi, is the source. The Fratellis were supporting Muse at this venue.

Hi. It was the 2nd show.

Thanks. There was one other venue I thought it could be so I'm glad you checked.

Thanks. Whenever you get some free time is fine. There is no need to make them a priority.

Listed as appearing May 31-Jun3.

I just added some Don McLean setlists in Japan using this Billboard link. I'm not sure if the Osaka venue on May 29, 1973 is correct. If you could check it for me I would appreciate it. The Osaka and Tokyo venues should be right though. Thanks.

Thank you for the help on the em Seven venue! I was just getting ready to contact you about that one.

Thanks for the heads up!

I found more info. about SOMEDAY.
Open in 1981.
Ookubo(?) ->
Kagurazaka ->

Shinbashi ->
Shinjuku (2008 ~)

I hope this helps...

Long time no see, Moderator: sabwh sama.

By the way, about Jazz Club SOMEDAY...

Probably I think "from 96, 26 July" on venue's official website is for above website view counter.

SOMEDAY moved to current address in 2008.
Some sites say so.

And some blogs say.

At least SOMEDAY had existed in Shinbashi until 2007...

Okay, that brings me to my next question: How do you know it's supposed to be "omofu" instead of "omou", when the romanization isn't provided anywhere on the website?

How is "MOON ROMANTIC" not the first choice, when it's both below the Japanese name (instead of a romanization in the form of "Tsuki-miru-kimi-omou" or similar) and the name of the url itself? Of course we can't use Japanese, so the next step should be to look at the most official name we can actually use, which in this case would be "MOON ROMANTIC", since on the official website, it takes precedence before a romanization of the Japanese name, no?

Hi sabwh,

Sorry for not being clear before. First, let me address your point about using English vs. Japanese names. You said that "Izumi-Ootsu" is the name in Japanese and "Izumiotsu" is the name in English, but this isn't true. Both of these names are English transliterations of Japanese words; neither are an English translation, which is what the rules forbid. (If we said "Spring-Big-Harbour Phoenix", that would be a translation. What the rules mean when they say to use transliterations instead of translations is that we should use "Tokyo Kokusai Forum" instead of "Tokyo International Forum", for example.)

When I suggested that "Izumi-Ootsu" was a nonstandard transliteration, more specifically I was talking about the use of a hyphen. When transliterating Japanese, hyphens are used to separate prefixes and suffixes (e.g. "Suzuki-san", "Kyōto-fu", "Shinjuku-eki", "Higashi-Nakano", etc.). In this case, "Izumiōtsu" is a single word—"Izumi" is not a prefix. "Ōtsu-shi" isn't a nearby city that's being modified (although there is a city by that name in Saga-ken).

A similar case in Tokyo would be Shin-Koiwa, which is near Koiwa, and thus is hyphenated when transliterated into English. Meanwhile, Shinbashi is written as one word, because it's a single conceptual unit and the "Shin-" is not modifying another nearby place.

The Musicbrainz style guide isn't very helpful on this topic, but Wikipedia has a pretty good overview:

Well, right now it's neither. "Tsuki" is still that, while "omou" is "omofu" instead. however, the venue itself appears to be using "MOON ROMANTIC", according to their website. So shouldn't that be the first choice?

This should be "omou" at the end. The "fu" is a stylistic choice based on Classical Japanese.

Hi sabwh,

Thank you for your explanation! Are you sure that "Izumi-Ootsu" is the correct transliteration though?

Google (including Google Maps) writes the city's name as "Izumiotsu". The city's official webpage does the same:

Meanwhile, Wikipedia uses "Izumiōtsu" or "Izumiōtsu-shi":

It seems that "Izumi-Ootsu" may be a nonstandard transliteration. When I type it into Google, several of the top results are from pages.

Hi sabwh,

I noticed that in July you changed all the "Izumiotsu Phoenix" setlists to "Izumi-Ootsu Phoenix". However, if you check the venue's official website, they write "Izumiotsu" as one word:

Would it be alright with you if I moved all the setlists back to this venue page?

Hey sabwh, you're right about the venue. I couldn't find much info when I did a quick search, so I used the name I saw in some behind the scenes footage.

For the tour name issue, I think the only way would be to remove the tour name completely from all the setlists that need to be changed, then add a new tour name that is written correctly. You might want to ask around in the forums too though.

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