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Okay, I will restore your editing privileges. You need to provide sources for shows you did not attend even if it is just a short comment.

The setlists that you are creating for the Dum Dums at The Whiskey are the wrong band. You've been told this over and over and you keep doing it. I am revoking your editing privileges until you let me know that you will stop

The Dum Dums show you keep trying to add from 1991 is not the Dum Dums on SetlistFM - that's why is keeps being deleted.

Hi. PLEASE do not add the same canceled shows that have already been deleted. At least use the search to make sure they haven't been rescheduled. We are not missing any Neil Young shows from 1991.

When creating a festival which runs two days in a row it's considered the same festival, especially when it's a the same venue.
Furthermore later editions of the same festival already existed (but yours seems to be the first) so they have to be linked together.

The setlists that you are creating for the Dum Dums at The Whiskey are the wrong band. The correct band doesn't seem to exist on Musicbrainz. You would have to create it there if you want to add those setlists.

Regarding these three setlists, do you have any information of where exactly the performance was held beyond "Sydney Opera House"? We try to narrow it down to "Concert Hall" / "Forecourt" / "Opera Theatre" / etc. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks so much for your effort with all The Whitlams dates - it's great to see so much more Australian content in the database!


Did Rage Against the Machine ever perform Eugène Pottier's poem L'Internationale, or was it only ever a recording?

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