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Let us know if any International Pop Overthrow festivals were forgotten.

Who are you on StageIt so I can say hi next time...I'm just plain old "coffinjose" on there.

GREAT Dollyrots StageIt show today!

Sorry you missed the Dollyrots yesterday. It was fun! Usually about a week after the show, Will RIker posts it on youtube. So you can relive the chaos. thanks for the heads up on the Joan Jett StageIt. Didn't know about that. I'll see if I can get off work early to catch that one.

See you at The Dollyrots show this Sunday! It ought to be fun!

Thanks! I need to start watching those Randy Jackson shows...I just watched a few, but he does one almost everyday. I need to catch up, they really were great when I saw them back in December, despite the poor turnout at the venue (maybe 1/3 filled). THANKS for the help on the Dollyrots show! Those are always a blast with their kids going crazy at home.

The StageIt shows all basically start the encore after the 30 minute mark, whether the band takes an actual "encore" break or not.

Too fast for me with updates! Great show!

You can ask on the forum to have them merged.

Please be careful when creating festivals.
Both of these & were created by you. One in 2016 and the last one today. The one in 2005 has the same venue and the same date, so I don't understand how you created this without getting a warning. It surely ended up in the festivals at Madison Square Garden, so be more careful.

I linked most of the One World setlists together. In the meantime a discussion started amongst the mods to bring all these Covid internet gigs (so not only the One World festival) under one venue. I told you so, you continued to ask to bring other setlists which are organised by Lady Gaga under the same festival. Nothing will be done about it until a decision has been taken, that's why it's useless to post these demands.

Another consequence of adding these Private Venues in large cities to the One World festival is that other gigs on the same date are linked to the festival too, since only one Private Venue is allowed per city.
So resuming, probably almost all (if not all) internet gigs from about March 13, 2020 on until further notice, will be assigned to one worldwide venue. If that's the case no festival will be linked to this venue.

In my last message there were some typing errors, so here's how it should read.
The only thing you're going to achieve with the one world festival posts is upsetting other mods. It might be a good idea to delete your posts because nothing will be done about this at the moment. But if you want to be stubborn, that's your responsibility. I linked all these to a festival until discussion opened about all those lockdown internet gigs.


It's not necessary to ask for all those One World concerts to be linked together. Like I told you there's discussion all these Corona related setlists (not only the One World ones) might end up under one worldwide location.

April 14, Paul McCartney was interviewed over the phone by U.S. radio personality Howard Stern. McCartney and his wife is separated by the Atlantic ocean, Nancy is with her family in New York, while Paul is in England with his daughter Mary and her family.

There's discussion amongst the mods all those Corona private gigs might be listed under one global venue. So let's wait before I link the other festival
Maybe you can find out from what city certain artists perform
If you have difficulties or problems adding the setlist to the festival again after finding the private venue you may contact me.

It's not because you couldn't create a festival for this you can't ask for help. Don't know if users or roadies can link the same festival for different cities in the same country, but we can do it. Just created the one for the United States.
This would not have worked for Unknown Venues though. I tried to add the Celine Dion which was in Canada but for some reason can't find it out yet. Before this could be done, but the site is being rebuild, so maybe there's still a but there. And to link the UK ones and the one in Paris (or somewhere in Belgium) for Angele might be another problem since these are thousands of kilometers apart.

How did you decide for all those One World: Together At Home 2020 (which you wrongly assigned as a tour which took me a lot of time to delete) were either in the USA, UK or France (for a Belgian artist). What base did you use, certainly not nationality for Paul McCartney and possibly other artists.

Looks like the 80s Cruise was a good time. Can you tell me whether the B-52s, Midnight Starr or Bret Michaels performed?
--They we're schedule, but all canceled.

The User who created this show claims to have attended it as do two others. We don't delete setlists like this for a lack of confirming evidence. They could have been unadvertised for whatever reason.

I am about 95% sure that Neneh Cherry was on that show. I vaguely remember her closing with Buffalo Stance. Do you have a link to the article that mentions her as a no-show? When going back and researching the stuff I have added in Pittsburgh, I have found many errors in the paper. Anything from wrong date to reviews that mentioned the wrong band names.

Of course, it has been a long time.

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