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Hi EC,

I just had a user named livemusicfan threaten to take down a months worth of “The Radiators” in New Orleans because I didn’t put a link to where I got the information. https://scholarworks.uno.edu/wavelength/
The site is an archive site for an old New Orleans Music Magazine named Wavelength held by the University of New Orleans that was active from Dec 1980 to Nov 1991. When I go through these mags it shows all the show listings, as well as ads that bands themselves put up to show their monthly shows.

Sometimes when I type the show in I will do a research on it and find out who opened. There’s no way I can point to ever pay lead.

I’ve been in the music business for over 40 years. How can I become a moderator so I won’t have to deal with some of these trolls? Thanks

Hi! The show (Mar 12 1987 - Xmal Deutschland Setlist at Riverside, Newcastle, England) is really correct: date and place. I have the brochure and it says exactly that. I also have the K7 tape with the setlist in the right order. Do you want to add to the setlist? Or can I add there and you approve?

Executive Chimp,
Writing to request you take a look at this forum post and weigh in. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/artists-residence-is-lockdown-live-stream-location--ok-to-keep-private-33d7b0fd
Artist is doing live streams from home. I had listed the location as Private Venue, Devon(County), England since the Artist has ALWAYS stated their home location as Devon in England, never specifying the village. For seven years in thousands of interviews and articles with the Artist and his celebrity spouse, as well as on these live streams “I’m at home in Devon", I’m at my home recording studio in Devon”. The U.S., UK and European media have also only ever named their home as Devon since that’s what Artist states, per the EU privacy laws/GDPR.

pomes27 found one gossip "article" on a Devon news site listing the name of the village vs 837,000 other web search results that list just Devon. pomes27 changed the venue location and when I asked to revert back to Devon, per his suggestion I posted in the forum for other Moderator opinions.

I understand that these livestream setlists are already an exception to the normal site guidelines but I’m requesting to respect and maintain the privacy of the Artist that the press also allows, and list the location for the live streams as Private Residence, Devon, England. If the Artist or spouse ever publicly identify the village then I would update.

Thank you for checking it out if you have the time.

I keep adding or editing setlists with cited sources, some of which are concerts I have attended. Shortly after I enter it, they are reverted or deleted. One of the users who did this is graph_ludya. Other people have mentioned this happening to them? Could you please tell me what's going on?

Thanks so much for answering my question. I thought you were questioning the track order not the actual location/date. In regards to GG Allin, most of his stuff is not gonna be found on the net because of the nudity/sex/violence. One of the setlists you deleted has him raping a dead cat during the concert. This is not gonna be on youtube therefore no way to verify. 90% of my bootlegs were obtained in the 1990's with most coming from the person who filmed them so in almost every case I am certain the info is correct. But, thanks for the heads up.

Thank you for your help. It must have been somebody else who


Seeing you are one of the more active moderators, I though it would be appropriate to ask you a question. I just logged on to see that all of my edits for every Liam Gleason setlists have been deleted, without any warning or notice. Those were real, legitimate performances all of them being in front of audiences, and had no reason to be taken down. If you need sources I can provide them all, but one very viable source is that that person is me. I live in a very small town and edit all of my own setlists myself. If there is any possible way for these shows to be restored and brought back onto the website, I would greatly appreciate that. Those are parts of my life I will never get back if they stay gone. They should not have disappeared in the first place, especially without someone questioning or notifying me first. Thank you very much.


I recently saw that a song on a slayer setlist is missing and the setlist is wrong as well. The show is the California August 12, 1983 show. At that show they played a song called the high priestess. This song is a very rare early song that was never recorded for an album just like ice titan and night rider. There is a bootleg called satan’s children which has a couple of early shows on it including the show I’m talking about. Here’s links to information about the bootleg and actual footage of the song. I tried fixing the setlist but people keep taking it down if you could fix the setlist that would be great because the setlist that’s listed is completely wrong thank you



Thanks for checking on that glitch for me! I'm still adding information to the site, in between my "real" job! This has become like my second job (BUT I enjoy this one much more!) Stay healthy and safe my friend!

The Earth Wind & Fire Tour in 2005 is appropriately called Illumination since that album was released in September of that year. The 2004 dates should not be listed as the Illumination tour.

Thanks for checking. I have almost 3000 edits currently and couldn't figure out why I "vanished". Its not like anybody knows my real name (except a few members and bands), so I'm not doing it for the recognition.

Hello! Silly question time. I noticed I'm not showing up on the active user portion of the dashboard today. I've added (and sourced) about 50 shows this morning, and noticed this. Just curious?


Ref Clapton 13/05/2013
These are two different songs credited to different writers.
Thanks for your time once again.

Ref Eric Clapton 13th May 2013 and the song.
The song IS Further on down the road by Taj Mahal. It is the song on Old Sock and has completely different lyrics to Farther on up the road which as you correctly say is the Bobby Blue band cover.

Just noticed that Eric Clapton 13th May 2013 LG Arena concer been locked for review. I was going to change the set list as it is Further on down the road from Eric's Old Sock cd and not Farther on up the road.
"Further on Down the Road" (featuring Taj Mahal) (Taj Mahal, Jesse E. Davis) - 5:42
I also have the concert on cd.
Thanks for your time.
Saint Dave (setlist user name)
Dave Parbery

Just wondering why the venues for festivals,
Knebwoth 90, womad genesis six of the best at Milton Keynes Bowl and human rights 1988 at Wembley 1988 don't appear on my venue list.
Saint Dave

Some of these old concerts,like in the 80s and 90s and even before how do people remember the song line ups...and especially if you had a buzz or even more than that...out of all the friggen shows I went to ,was a good thing I kept all the ticket stubs...remember some of the songs,but not the whole fucking line up...

Hey, thanks for updating the tour name for Peter Frampton.

I just noticed that you reverted my edits to Buddy Miles' Them Changes, without leaving an edit comment.

By my previous notes, the song was written by him as a member of Band of Gypsys and first released by them as "Changes". I'm just wondering why you moved it back to Buddy Miles as "Them Changes"?

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