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Those EC and A songs should be correct on all setlists now. Please let me know if you see any that are not.

Have you ever clicked on any of the Costello songs that you mentioned while they were called songs by the Attractions? They were all alone on a compilation.

Now that they're rightfully called Elvis Costello covers
Lipstick Vogue is linked to 396 other interpretations of that song (album song)
I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea is linked to 694 other interpretations of that song (album song)
Hand in Hand, a mere 170 interpretations of that song (album song)

Hello there just saw your comment on the Tom Jones gig I created a couple of years back. And right you are. I was flabbergasted when David entered the stage back then. However it was David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd-fame) rather than David Gilmore (renowned jazz guitarist). I don’t know how to change a comment so I wrote to you and maybe you could rectify that little mishap. Have a nice day.