Nothing But Thieves Kickoff "Moral Panic" Livestream w/ 13 Songs

British rockers Nothing But Thieves are celebrating the release of their third studio album Moral Panic with three special livestream concerts.
The first "Live at the Warehouse" show kicked off yesterday with a 13 song setlist full of cuts across all three of their albums, and three live debuts of new songs!
The set kicked off with two Broken Machine licks - "Amsterdam" and "I Was Just a Kid." The first Moral Panic live debut came with "Free If We Want It," then later on in the set they premiered "Unperson" and "Phobia." In total they showcased five songs off the new album, their self-titled came in second with four songs off the record making it into the setlist.
They also worked in a cover of Gang of Youths "What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?" marking the third time they covered that song. The set ended on "Is Everybody Going Crazy?" Check out the setlist here:
Nothing But Thieves
Make sure to tune in tonight for show number two!
And listen to the new album below:

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Last updated: 25 Nov 2020, 11:07 Etc/UTC