Vision Board: Jena Rose Shares Why She Writes Music and More

Singer songwriter Jena Rose is keeping busy in quarantine—her music video for “Forever Yours” featuring Casper Magico dropped just last month—but pre-pandemic, we actually had her in our studio. In this episode of Vision Board, Jena reveals her roots, her dreams and why she writes music. Check it out:
Vision Board: Jena Rose


"Okay, Chanel is like my favorite brand ever. Can you tell? I love fashion. But I feel like my style's just gonna evolve with who I am as a person, so I'm excited to see where it goes."


"I'm cutting out the cowgirl because I'm from Texas. A lot of my family still lives in Texas, so it has a special place in my heart for sure. It definitely shapes my music as far as like, my values go. I'll be a cowgirl. Love it."

Themes in her music:

"I'm gonna cut out love, 'cause … my music has a lot of love in it. When I write songs I really write them so that other people can relate to them. It's therapeutic for me to write, and I hope that it helps people, in any way that it can."


"I've always wanted to win a Grammy, and my mom and I have watched the Grammys since I was a little girl. Being on the Grammy stage at a grand piano, and playing a song that means a lot to me, 'cause I started out playing piano. And so I think bringing it back to that, that would be an absolute dream."


"I have a dog named Toto, like from The Wizard of Oz. He's my best friend. I talk to him like he's a human."

Her scene:

"I love being in L.A. and being around other artists, who love music. I feel like it's the place to be, especially opening for people that you've grown up watching and listening to is crazy. And so talking to people who have been on this journey for a while is really cool."

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